Costume Design

Die Zukunft der Liebe

For the play Die Zukunft der Liebe for the Young Theatre Hannover it was necessary to design costumes without the actors and the dramaturgy of the play being fixed. The play developed out of a research phase. The only creative point of orientation was the draft of the stage design.

The audience can see a connection between the slightly futuristic costumes and the abstract stage design in terms of colour and the shape of the stage elements.

King Arthur Sirene

Costume design for a marginal figure in John Drydens and Henry Purcell's King Arhur - the Siren.

The siren is the seductress of sailors in myths and legends. She bewitches them with her voice and lures them into strange realms to then kill them there. The design here is the hidden seduction with a sailor's sweater - affected - the face with a pale complexion and the provocative lace skin, which only appears on closer inspection.


Photos: Patrick Slesiona.

© Stella Dobewall // 2018