Public Space

Public Space

Appletreegarden Festival

Department direction for design and construction, organisation and realisation,



Christian Bardenhorst //

Max Hartmann //

Ole Cordsen //

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Veronique Nivelle


Culture Kiosk Hannover

A mobile kiosk was to be built for Hannover's Kiosk Day to provide a discussion space for citizens to apply for Hannover as the Capital of Culture.

The creative basis was in the restrained white and "flying" appearance, in order to leave room for actions and artists.


At various locations in Hannover, the temporary building will serve as a meeting point for interested parties.



Isabel Winarsch

Appletreegarden Festival

Department direction for design and construction, organisation and realisation.



Christian Bardenhorst //

Max Hartmann Photo //

Ole Cordsen


Fair Hannover

The aim is to draw attention to the hall entrances of the Hannover Fair by giving them a temporary colour touch of foil and tape in geometric shapes.

Exhibition Unter einem Dach

At the end of 2016, work on the project Unter einem Dach (Under one Roof) was the focus of this photography exhibition.

The aim here, together with the refugees, is to beautify the shelters in which they live. The exhibition was also organized together with some of the residents.

The scenographic design using typographic signage - consisting of lasered cardboard - blends in with the concreted ground and discreetly stands for itself.

Appletreegarden Festival

The Appletreegarden Festival takes place in Diepholz, Lower Saxony, and receives 5000 visitors annually. The redesign of the entrance area was one of the works in 2016.



David Binnewies // Ole Cordsen //

Höme - Magazin für Festivalkultur

Installation Hafven

For the opening of the Coworking Space Hafven Hannover on 1st of October 2016, the event room was redesigned, in which lectures and the subsequent party took place. The Hafven-CI gave inspiration for the colour design of the tape installation in the classical basic colours.


Photos: Stella Dobewall //

Sascha Wolters

Competition Hannover Adventure Zoo

The redesign of the entrance area of the Hannover Adventure Zoo was to be developed. In the design visitors are guided through the building by animal tracks embedded in the ground, through the "terminal for discoverers", according to the landscape architect's concept.


Consistently this design tells the story of the worlds of experience inside the zoo to the end and gives the visitors the feeling to be part of it.


Result: 3rd place

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