Stage Design

Stage design

A stage design was needed for the awards ceremony of the participants of the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism 2018. The already existing photo banners for the King Arthur stage were prepared for the new location, now symbolizing the photography festival.


Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

Die Zukunft der Liebe

Die Zukunft der Liebe (The Future of Love) is a play - staged by Junge Schauspiel Hannover - which emerged from a preceding research phase. In a mobile theatre, various stations were visited and the locals were asked about the topic "Future of Love". I designed and realized the stage and the costumes for a play based on these contents.

The stage design is a detached climbing scaffold park with partly fixed, partly movable elements, each of which is equipped with removable projection surfaces on which video content, among other things, is staged.

The stage parts are staged during the play and result in the final picture with black light illuminated the word "Love".


Photos: Katrin Ribbe


Appletreegarden Festival

The Appletreegarden Music Festival is based in Diepholz, Lower Saxony, with 5000 visitors. Since 2016 there has been a third stage on a small clearing of its own, adjacent to the festival grounds. This newly developed place is supposed to be a place of rest and retreat, but also a dance floor for the DJ's final sets. The festival visitors can marvel at the circus acrobats or simply enjoy the sun's rays on an accompanying grandstand.


Photos: Christian Bardenhorst, David Binnewies

Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

For the closing ceremony of the Lumix Festival for Young Photojounalism, it was necessary to conceive a backdrop that did not move too much into the foreground due to its shape and that did not steal any attention from the photographs that were projected onto two screens during the award ceremony. The basic idea of the design is to reproduce the materials that are already present in the existing technical stage and to integrate them into the design. As a connection to the theme, the camera serves as a motif, adding orange tape to it, which involves the audience in the stage design and also picks up on the festival's colour corporate design.

King Arthur

This stage design was placed in the 16m high Christus church in Hannover. The monotonous, gloomy reduction of the birch forest, in a moor landscape, put the emotional side of the semi opera King Arthur by John Dryden and Henry Purcell in the foreground. The reflected forest on the ground reached up to the tribune.


Photos: Kateryna Kostyrko


The aim was to create a stage design for the Hannover/Berlin based Band U3000 - as loud, different and handy as possible. Referring to the design of the album cover as well as the merchandise of the band, a design made of neon green tape strips was the result. The stripes reach from the back of the stage to the auditorium, so that the visitors are included to the design. The arrangement of the tracks must be flexible depending on the stage shape and size.

Der Steppenwolf

The novel "Der Steppenwolf" by Hermann Hesse is about the self-discovery of a depressive man, Harry Haller. He has two souls in him who do not get along with each other; the good citizen and the wild Steppenwolf. One day he is taught a better lesson and finds out that he carries many, hundreds, even thousands of personalities within him. . .

The main component of the design is a sales trailer standing in an unusual environment, symbolizing both the feeling of longing for home and Haller, the loner who is perceived as a foreign body wherever he is.

Projections thrown onto the back wall of the car reflect the inside of Haller's head. A staircase that is axisymmetrical to the one on the tribune is another component of the stage set and refers to the element of the mirror that is often used in the novel.

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